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The Seniors and the Young in Creative Activities

“We the seniors enjoy meeting with you,
Although we do not know each other,
We see things differently,
But I’m sure we can see eye to eye.”

Leokadia, 77,  a participant in the “The Seniors and the Young in Creative Activities” project

We have been working together for almost a year now: a team made up of the young and the seniors. We discover each other, we dream, we act and we help others discover their dreams. See photos

See Recommendations for working with an intergenerational group

This year’s participants (a team of 20 juniors and seniors) took part in a workshop on intergenerational dialog. They considered the following questions: How should we communicate with each other? How can each party contribute? What helps the dialog flourish? What makes it difficult? How do we build on the experience of other generations? How do we share ours?

Next they went on to examine the intergenerational dialog taking place in their closest circles.  The results will be processed in two groups: drama and theater, and journalism and multimedia. They will be presented June 9th at the festivities organized by the Bielany Community Center.


  • applied drama – where we create a safe environment for sharing knowledge and experiences, getting to know each other, working together and expressing ourselves in a creative way – watch  film about the project
  • the concept of sharing knowledge and experiences: the participants (both seniors and the young) are at the same time co-authoring the project, every skill gained is instantly applied to support giving to others – watch film about Applied Drama in Creating Intergenerational Dialog

Grants and Parties Responsible

The project is carried out by the STOP-KLATKA Association of Drama Practitioners. It has been partially financed from the 2012-2013 budget of the Governmental Program for Social Activation of the Elderly and the European Union funds. The project partners are: Bielany Community Center and Connecting Co. Karolina Jurga. The previous edition was partially financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Warsaw City Hall. The Association is liable for all contents of this website.